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Preciso announces collaboration with the AI Chip Centre at Digital University of Kerala

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Dec 5, 2023

The innovative technology company and the university are teaming up to boost contextual relevance and personalisation with machine learning


London, UK - 5th December 2023: Bid-smart DSP Preciso today unveils a collaboration with the AI Chip Centre at Digital University of Kerala (DUK), which sees the university use the programmatic bidder as a use case for its Masters students in AI and Electronic Systems. The  AI Chip centre develops hardware efficient algorithms and chips in the areas of computational AI, imaging and sensing systems.


Preciso’s technology is designed to help advertisers to reach the right audiences and boost return on ad spend - going beyond traditional media metrics and delivering exceptional returns in programmatic advertising, thanks to precise media buying. Its technology captures data on customer journeys which then feeds machine learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to bid on the most valuable users and placements and deliver dynamic creative.


Piero Pavone, CEO at Preciso, himself an expert in data analysis, says: “It is wonderful to work with these talented Masters students. We certainly share the values of progress and performance through precision, with the results of our work helping to improve ad creatives while boosting contextual relevance and personalization.”


Preciso collaborates with the AI Chip centre team led by Alex James, with initial engagement with Dibyasha Mahapatra, Vrinda Rani, and Gopika A H, who have successfully completed DUK's postgraduate programs, under the guidance of Alex James, the Dean (Academics) at Digital University Kerala. Dr. James, recently recognized in the top one percent of scientists in the Stanford University-Elsevier Rankings, is renowned for his influential research in data analysis systems, opening up new and exciting possibilities in the field of AI.


Earlier this year, Preciso announced an integration with the multinational e-commerce platform Shopify to help SMEs reduce manual processes and budget waste through disruptive programmatic ad buying - opening the doors to premium advertising for all advertisers.


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Maryum Sheikh, Press Lead at The Digital Voice


About Preciso:

Preciso is Europe’s fast-growing RTB marketplace, powered by its flagship Smart-Bid technology and delivering client campaigns in just a few easy clicks. Through use of actual customer journey and machine learning, Preciso technology predicts customer behaviour to calculate which display ad placement to buy in a real-time bidding marketplace - boosting relevance and conversion and putting the power back into the hands of advertisers. Founded in Italy by Piero Pavone, Preciso has expanded over the last few years and now has teams in 6 countries.